There Is Something Better Than Perfection.

From August 22nd to 26th we were painting a 15 meter high facade in Downtown Frankfurt, Hera´s hometown. “THERE IS SOMETHING BETTER THAN PERFECTION” is the title of this mural, on the corner of Große Eschenheimer and Stiftstraße… the action was supported by MontanaCans.


Photos taken by MontanaCans / Alexander Krziwanie


“During the press conference on Monday, organized by Corpus Sireo, who helped us secure this Frankfurt-wall for the Giant Storybook Project, we thanked the ones involved, like Strabag for giving us this nice boom lift, or like our dear friends from Montana-Cans for their tremendous support on every single stage of the Giant Storybook process, and we thanked the mayor of Frankfurt, Olaf Cunitz, for his patronage of our wall, because it needed some negotiation with other parties to get permission for this very prominent location in Germany´s finances capital. (It is the biggest piece of Street Art Frankfurt has seen so far! That is why it is so exciting for us. To leave a colorful and messy mark of this scale in an area that is dominated by clean-cut bank towers with their immaculate window facades, was a true honor. That is why we were honestly moved by the trust our collaboration partners had in us. Thanks, guys! Especially Katja! (Thanks, love, for putting yourself out there for us! Could not have done it without you!)…”


“The artwork in Frankfurt might be our last or second-last mural of the first Giant Storybook package, because we need to start with the the actual book-making process. Maybe Berlin will be the final stop for us, which would be nice, as the first installation of Lily in her “hidden cave” was in Berlin, as well, when we worked inside the Kunstverein am Lützowplatz. Therefore: it might be nice to visit our friends again and leave them one big wall that is permanent … We will let you know!” herakut



“Frankfurt will have this mural for three years. It was a pleasure working there, meeting family members, old friends and new friends, who stuck around with us even when it started pouring down. (In Toronto we fought with the freezing Winter cold, in Johannesburg it was the heat, in Miami there were some heavy winds – now in Frankfurt it was the rain that jumped in with us. It is funny how the conditions in each city are so different and add such an individual tone of the work. Not only the weather, but also very much the next-door-neighbors of our murals, the people in the streets, the sounds of the traffic surrounding us, add a voice to the “visual conversation” we are having on the wall. That is one of the things which make Street Art so special. The “street” is definitely always part of the picture.)” herakut


[flexiblemap center="50.116366,8.680459" width="100%" height="400px" zoom="15" title="There Is Something Better Than Perfection" description="Stiftstraße 39, 60313 Frankfurt am Main"]

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  1. […] [Heute morgen, als ich kurz vor Bad Vilbel im Stau stand, fiel mir in einer Unterführung dieses wunderschöne Plakat auf. Die Sprayer Case, Akut und Hera haben es schon 2010 für die damaligen Burgfestspiele gestaltet und seitdem hängt es da – aber erst heute habe ich es bewusst wahrgenommen, weil das sonst so eine klassische Stelle ist, an der man einfach schnell vorbei fährt. Im vergangenen Jahr (Erscheinungstag 24. Mai 2013) habe ich für die FNP einen Artikel über den Spray-Künstler Case und das ständig wachsende Bild am Viadukt in Bad Vilbel gemacht, den ich euch deshalb heute hier nochmal posten möchte. Case, Hera und Akut sind coole Leute, international tätige Künstler, die auch in Frankfurt viele Projekte umgesetzt haben – unter anderem eine sehr eindringlich gemalte beinamputierte Mutter an einer Hausfassade in der City.] […]

  2. Zeel
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    Ich habe mir das mural in Frankfurt im Frühling 2017 angesehen. Wie viele Bilder von Herakut ergreift mich auch dieses extrem.
    Ich fühle mich immer wieder im tiefsten Innern gepackt, so als wenn jemand mal eben mein Herz berührt und in Schwingung versetzt. Herakut haben es raus meine verborgenen Gefühle auf eine zauberhafte, magische Art und Weise hervorzuholen. Die Bilder machen mich traurig und geben mir zugleich unglaubliche Kraft. Ich kann mich in ihnen auf eine wunderbare Art verlieren und die Zeit still stehen lassen. Merci….Zeel

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