“I Dreamt I Was A Human. It Was A Nightmare!” Miami 2014

The best thing about visiting Miami during this year´s Art Basel week, was not meeting up with friends of ours who have made a huge difference for our Herakut career (though it was nice to see how old everyone looks these days), it was not at all that little show we had put up inside the MANA Production Village (even though the guys from MANA were good to us), nor was it the huge wall MANA gave us to  paint our piece on.
The by far best and most memorable thing about Miami 2014 was getting to know the absolutely amazing students of the “HERE´S HELP – Recovery Through Education” program, who helped us create two murals, one outside on the corner of NW 2nd Ave and 5th Ave, and one inside the MANA music room. They were such interesting and clever young minds, no matter what drug history they had already lived through, that we would have loved to spend more than just those two days of our workshop with them.
HERE´S HELP was founded in 1968 to provide substance abuse treatment for young adults and teens ages 13 and older. Two of their teachers, psychologist Miss Jodie and Media Center specialist Miss Carolina were wonderful and inspiring women! Very great work, ladies! Hope to see you again one day!
Read more on the program and on another good organization we got to meet during our stay: Rise Up Gallery (a non-profit that offers therapeutic art workshops to newly injured patients living with physical disabilities.)




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