Installation at the Art Mile of the UN Museum


Last weekend we got to be part of the overwhelming opening ceremony of the Urban Nation Museum in Berlin. We were not only proud to see one of our canvases in there along with artwork by at lease 150 street artists from all over the globe, but were invited to place a little Herakut-freak-show-attraction in the midst of seriously beautiful installations by Borondo and Anthony Lister. The whole Bülowstraße was turned into an art circus, so maybe our monkey puppets were not such a bad fit after all.
Thank you, Yasha Young from Urban Nation, for the opportunity and thanks to everyone who made it all work out in the end!

  1. alexandra
    | Reply

    Your art is so so so so beautiful ! Thank you.
    ….you inspire me that you do good things with your art in the world, such as working with the children!
    (I’m working towards doing the same…..)
    Please tell me what your monkey-puppets are made from !!!!

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