“What Will I Be When I Grow Up?”

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Amman, Jordan 2015 A boy from looking up to a caterpillar wondering about the changes he will himself will be faced with. “What will you be in the future?” is what we asked the children playing in the dusty parking … Read More

Maclaim At Splash Festival

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Graffiti Changed My Life. Life Changed My Graffiti. My Life Changed Graffiti. Case, Rusk and Akut painted together at the SPLASH festival. The first MACLAIM wall since 7 years… Photo by Falk Lehmann   Photo by Falk Lehmann

Sankt Pauli – Millerntorgallery

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Some People Think Of Dreams As A Waste Of Time. We Have A Different Tradition.   Photos by Petite Poulet, Miroslav Menschenkind & Falk Lehmann   Harald-Stender-Platz 1, 20359 Hamburg

Eyes Of Gaza

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“They say that the eyes are the organs of asking. But after certain horrendous events, eyes tell stories that live in a place beyond words.” -Greg Beals   To tell the story of children and people living in Gaza Strip, … Read More

Displaced Thoughts

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DISPLACED THOUGHTS – art show by Herakut + aptART + friends searching for some new saints May 16-30th, 2015 Bülowstr. 97, 10738 Berlin, Germany Herakut and aptART are pleased to present DISPLACED THOUGHTS, a collection of paintings, photographs and installations … Read More

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