Refugee Painting Project with REFUGIO

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In the first week of October 2014 we teamed up with art therapist and social worker Verena Wilkesmann from REFUGIO and photographer Max Kratzer to work on murals inside one of Germany´s biggest homes for asylum seekers, the “Bayernkaserne” in … Read More


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  “The World Made Me Do It” Installation Language of the Wall – Graffiti / Street Art Group Show 13 August – 05 October 2014 Pera Museum Istanbul.       “Imagine We Had To Teach Our Children Never To … Read More

Wall Map

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A map of almost all the spots ouf our walls from the past 10 years of Herakut.   please double click the marks to find the informations  


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Reminiscing on good old graffiti times Akut spent the weekend painting a wall with his crew member Rusk with who he had founded MaClaim Crew 14 years ago. “you never actually own a style, you merely take care of it … Read More

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