“What Will I Be When I Grow Up?”

Amman, Jordan 2015 A boy from looking up to a caterpillar wondering about the changes he will himself will be faced with. “What will you be in the future?” is what we asked the children playing in the dusty parking … Read More

Maclaim At Splash Festival

Graffiti Changed My Life. Life Changed My Graffiti. My Life Changed Graffiti. Case, Rusk and Akut painted together at the SPLASH festival. The first MACLAIM wall since 7 years… Photo by Falk Lehmann   Photo by Falk Lehmann

Sankt Pauli – Millerntorgallery

Some People Think Of Dreams As A Waste Of Time. We Have A Different Tradition.   Photos by Petite Poulet, Miroslav Menschenkind & Falk Lehmann   Harald-Stender-Platz 1, 20359 Hamburg

Eyes Of Gaza

“They say that the eyes are the organs of asking. But after certain horrendous events, eyes tell stories that live in a place beyond words.” -Greg Beals   To tell the story of children and people living in Gaza Strip, … Read More

As One I Am Fragile. Together We Are Strong.

On the occasion of World Refugee Day 2015, AKUT & AptArt worked with UNHCR to share the voice of displaced people from various nations. Together with youth and young adults they painted a 10 meter wall in Amman/Jordan to raise … Read More

Displaced Thoughts

DISPLACED THOUGHTS – art show by Herakut + aptART + friends searching for some new saints May 16-30th, 2015 Bülowstr. 97, 10738 Berlin, Germany Herakut and aptART are pleased to present DISPLACED THOUGHTS, a collection of paintings, photographs and installations … Read More

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