Herakut: ‘Flaw Circus’ (Ruttkowski;68, Cologne/Germany)




Film by Jeremy Asher Lynch




A new Page For “The Giant Storybook Project” of the wellknown German Street Art Duo Herakut. “From August 22nd to 26th the artist duo was painting a 15 meter high facade in Downtown Frankfurt, Hera´s hometown. “THERE IS SOMETHING BETTER THAN PERFECTION” is the title of this mural, on the corner of Große Eschenheimer and Stiftstraße… The action was supported by MontanaCans.

by stefanpohlfilm

Music by RaffiBalboa: soundcloud.com/raffibalboa

The Giant Storybook Project – Herakut in Manheim

3 days long the artist duo herakut was painting a mural on a six floor high building in the city centre of Mannheim, Germany. Another chapter of the Giant Storybook Project was born — another mural beside other great wall productions in Miami, San Francisco, Rochester, Toronto, Montreal, Melbourne, Lexington, Munich and now also in Mannheim.

Das deutsche Graffiti-Duo Herakut . Euromaxx – Atelier Straße

Hinter Herakut steckt das deutsche Künstlerduo Falk Lehmann und Jasmin Siddiqui. Ihr Stil: Gesprühter Fotorealismus gepaart mit außergewöhnlichen Illustrationen. Das “Giant Storybook Project” ist ihr aktuelles Projekt. Eine Kindergeschichte, das demnächst als Buch veröffentlicht werden soll.


in.puncto – Graffiti-Künstlerin Jasmin Siddiqui . EinsPlus

Graffiti: Jasmin Siddiqui „Truth hurts” hat Jasmin Siddiqui mit 12 Jahren an Wände geschrieben. In Frankfurt, wo sie aufgewachsen ist. Mit 20 hat sie angefangen zu sprayen. Auch illegal. Ein Jahr später ist sie erwischt worden. Und seitdem ist sie Berufs-Sprüherin. Als „legale” Graffiti-Künstlerin reist sie inzwischen mit ihrem Malpartner Falk als Duo „Herakut” durch die ganze Welt. Amerika, Australien, Nepal. Überall hinterlassen die beiden ihre Bilder. Szenen einer Geschichte, die sie sich ausgedacht haben. Jasmin erzählt bei in.puncto von ihrem „The Giant Storybook Project”.

Sendung vom Di 19.03.13, 20.15 Uhr


Herakut and The Giant Storybook Project at Coachella 2013

Too High To Heal. Herakut – Metro Gallery

Metro Gallery was proud to present Herakut’s premiere Australian exhibition, Too High To Heal. It is the first time the acclaimed German street art duo have exhibited their work in Australia. Starting off as individual street artists, Hera (Jasmin) and Akut (Falk), joined forces in 2004 to become Herakut, and have been selling out shows internationally since.

Too High To Heal was shown exclusively at Metro Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.

Film production by Michael Danischewski

When Lucent Met Herakut…

A short documentary which presents the show involving graffiti duo Herakut and the Lucent Dossier group, detailing both the rehearsal process and the final performance in a unique and different way. Enjoy…

Herakut – The Giant Storybook Project, Toronto 2012

Herakut painting a scene from The Giant Storybook Project in Toronto
music by Jonathan Hawkes
photo&edit by Martin Hawkes


Herakut at CityLeaks Festival (HD, eng. subtitles)

Street Art duo Herakut has already enchanted many of the world´s cities with their dreamy-melancholic murals. This August hera and akut finally endowed us with a beautiful large-scale piece at Venloer Straße. The big eyes of a girl and her dog, now watching over the park of Ehrenfeld´s community centre, seem to ask us: „Whose afraid of whom?“ Anyway, we´ve already fallen in love with the two of them. Big thanks to Herakut! Watch them painting and listen to their words.



Hallenkunst2011 – Herakut

Ein Rundgang durch die HALLENKUNST 2011 mit Impressionen aus dem Bereich B6 und Arbeiten vom Künstlerduo Herakut

Loving The Exiled – San Francisco

Herakut’s earth tones are layered upon each other, creating images that blend in with the environment around them. Though it’s not just in palette through which the work presents an interest in nature. The people and animals that stand at the center of Herakut’s pieces are created as a commentary on human nature, on the ups and downs of all the small wars we fight within ourselves.

video by colin m. day

Herakut x Raccoon Kids Mural – San Francisco

video by colin m. day


Herakut Nuart 2011

Perennial favourites here at Nuart, Herakut with an incredible installation for Nuart 11. Shot and edited by Martin Hawkes for Saft Film.


Herakut PT 2 Nuart 2011

Herakut’s outdoor wall. Shot and edited by Martin Hawkes for Saft Films during Nuart 2011, Stavanger Norway.

Herakut painting at NuArt
Cinematography Martin Hawkes
Camera assistant Frank Shortt
Production Assistant Leon Cullinane
Music M83


Herakut painting at Moniker Art Fair – London Oct. 2010

by stefanpohlfilm


Behind the scenes of The Lab Magazine’s Issue 03 shoot with artist duo Herakut and photographer Frank W. Ockenfels 3.

Song: Lay Down In The Tall Grass by Timber Timbre