»The Monster Project«, group show, Urban Nation, Berlin Germany

»URVANITY ART FAIR«, art fair, Madrid SPAIN

»Berlin Mural Festival«, life performance, Berlin Germany

»Volume«, group show, Galerie Mathgoth, Paris FR

»WAHN/SINN«, museums installation, MUCA, Munich Germany

»Rental Asylum«, solo show, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles USA


»Format Raisin«, group show, Galerie Mathgoth, Paris France

»SAD BUT HAPPY«, solo show, Stolen Space Gallery, London UK

»Art Elysees«, group show, Pavillon 8th Champs-Elysees, Paris France

»NUART«, life performance, Aberdeen Scotland

»TheHaus«, installation, Berlin Germany

»SCOPE MIAMI BEACH 2017«, international contemporary art show, Miami USA

»Urban Art Fair«, art fair, Carreau du Temple a Paris, Paris France

»STREETOPOLY«, group show, MUCA, Munich Germany

»VNA: All Good Things«, 10 years anniversary exhibition, Stolen Space Gallery, London UK

»art up!«, art fair, Foire d’Art Contemporain, Lille France


»Eyes Of Gaza«, solo show, Zara Gallery, Amman Jordan

»We Are One«, life performance, Amman Jordan

»8e Avenue!«, group show, Pavillon 8th Champs-Elysees, Paris FR

»Master of Wrong«, solo show, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles USA

»Brick To Canvas«, group show, Tinney Gallery, Nashville Tennessee USA

»Nashville Wall Project«, life performance, Nashville Tennessee USA

»KURA«, life performance, Wittenberg Germany

»Magic City«, group show, Kultur-Quartier Zeitenströmung, Dresden

»Douce Folie«, solo show, Galerie Mathgoth, Paris France


»Pow Wow Hawaii«, life performance, Honolulu Hawaii USA

»Sans titre«, group show, Gallery Mathgoth, Paris France

»Dreamlands«, group show, Corey Helford Gallery – CHG Circa, Culver City California USA

»2 for 2«, group show, Vertical Gallery, Chicago Illinois USA

»Displaced Thoughts«, Herakut + AptART solo show, Berlin Germany

»Open Ohr Festival«, Herakut + AptART life performance, Mainz Germany

»Glastonbury Festival«, life performance, Glastonbury United Kingdom

»Millerntor Gallery #5«, life performance, Hamburg Germany

»Happy 80th Birthday, Dalai Lama«, life performance, Anaheim California USA

»SANTA MISERIA«, solo show, Varsi Gallery, Rome Italy

»LAX/LHR«, group show, Stolenspace Gallery, London United Kingdom

»Finding Place«, Herakut + AptART solo show, Mercy Corps Headquarter, Portland Oregon USA

»Frankfurt Style Award«, life performance, Frankfurt Germany

»Made in Berlin«, group show, Galerie Mathgoth, Paris France

»The Word Is Yours«, life performance, Amman Jordan

»Outsiders In«, group show, Reed Projects, Stavanger Norway

»Eyes Of Gaza«, painting project, Gaza

»LE MUR«, life performance, Paris France

»OBRA Mural Festival«, life performance, Sao Paolo Brazil

»CANVAS West Palm Beach Outdoor Museum«, life performance, West Palm Beach Florida USA

»Art without borders«, solo show, Tollwood Festival, Munich Germany


»Herakut @ Context«, group show, Witzenhausen Gallery, Miami USA

»Voice«, solo show, Mana Wynwood Production Village, Miami USA

»Paint Outside The Lines«, group show, Tours & Taxis, Brussels Belgium

»WALLCOME – Urban Art Festiva«, life painting, Schmalkalden Germany

»From The Streets Into The Wood«, group show, Museum Schloss Wilhelmsburg, Schmalkalden Germany

»Flaw Circus«, solo show, Ruttkowski;68 Gallery, Cologne Germany

»Language of the Wall – Graffiti / Street Art«, group show, Pera Museum, Istanbul Turkey

»Colours Of Resilience«, group show, Frankfurt Germany

»Herakut @ Scope Art Fair«, group show, Witzenhausen Gallery,  Basel Switzerland

»Herakut @ ARTMUC«, life performance, MUCA, Munich Germany

»Colours Of Resilience«, group show, Amman Jordan


»Too High To Heal«, solo show, Metro Gallery, Melbourne Australia

»Kolor Kathmandu«, life performance, Kathmandu Nepal

»City of Gold«, life performance, Johannesburg South Africa

»Coachella«, life performance, Palm Springs USA

»You Have Diamonds In Your Mind«, solo show, JOYCE, Shanghai China

»Beauty is a Sanctuary«, solo show, Vinyl On Vinyl, Manila Philippines

»Anti-Defamation League Charity Auction«, group show, Los Angeles USA

»Cons Space Berlin 2013«, life performance, Berlin Germany

»Don’t Look At Me«, solo show, Shooting Gallery, San Francisco USA

»Brainy Days«, solo show, MUCA Gallery, Munich Germany


»Hybrid Thinking«, group show, curated by Wooster Collective, NYC USA

»After The Laughter«, solo show, LeBasse Project, Los Angeles USA

»When Lucent found Herakut«, theater performance, The Palace Theatre, Los Angeles USA

»Loving the Exiled«, solo show, 941Geary Gallery, San Francisco USA

»Wall City Canvas«, life painting, Mexico City Mexico

»After The Laughter«, solo show, Mayfair, London UK

»Upfest«, life performance, Bristol UK

»Jukebox Kontrovers«, solo show, Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin Germany

»Heaven Meets Earth«, life painting, Monastery St. Ottilien Germany

»Scope«, fair show, Miami USA

»Pulse«, fair show, Miami USA

»Herakut meets – The Real Art – Superheroes«, group show, Freiburg Germany


»Street aka Museum«, installation, Museum of Art, Portsmouth USA

»Outside/In«, group show, LeBasse Projects USA

»ARTMOSH«, life performance, Munich Germany

»The Heras and Akut«, installation, Volksstudio Heidelberg Germany

»Coachella«, life performance, Palm Springs USA

»Brightest Sun«, installation, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany

»Upfest«, life performance, Bristol UK

»Masters of Amateurism«, life performance, Amsterdam Nederlands

»Herakut«, installation, oneThirty3, New Castle UK

»City Leaks«, life performance, Cologne Germany

»NuArt11«, installation, Stavanger Norway

»Behind the Berlin Wall«, life performance, Wende Museum, Los Angeles USA

»Hallenkunst«, group show, Chemnitz Germany


»Urban Art«, group show, ADDICT Gallery, Paris France

»Moniker Artfair«, installation & life performance, London UK

»Hopes Reply«, solo show, LeBasse Projects, Los Angeles USA

»Urban Culture«, life performance, Staatsgalerie, Stuttgart Germany

»Letzte Zweifel«, solo show, Galerie Springmann, Freiburg Germany

»Happy Doubt Day«, solo show, Galerie Springmann-Varol, Düsseldorf Germany


»No Placebos«, solo show , Red Flagg Gallery, New York US

»You Sure?«, auction , Philipps de Pury, London UK

»Zee«, installation , Z-Bau, Nuernberg Germany

»Berliner Liste«, fair show, Berlin Germany


»Dirty Laundry«, solo show , Covent Garden, London UK

»concreto«, group show, Casa de Lago, Mexico City Mexico

»Nuart08«, group show, Tou Scene, Stavanger Norway

»Corked«, group show, Urban Angle, London UK

»Burning Bridges«, group show, Brick Lane Gallery, London UK

»Natural Street Freaks«, group show, Carhartt Gallery, Weil am Rhein Germany

»Meeting of Styles«, life performance, Carevo Bulgaria

»Streichelzoo«, solo show, Carmichael Gallery, Los Angeles USA

»Fresh Air Smells Funny«, group show, Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche, Osnabrueck Germany


»Permission To Paint«, solo show, Leonard Street Gallery, London UK

»Nuart07«, group show, Rogalant Art Museum, Stavanger Norway

»Evolving Styles«, life performance, Cargo, London UK

»Balcan Express«, life performance, Sarajevo Bosnia & Herzegovina

»Peepshow«, group show, Reithalle, Ingolstadt Germany

»Pink Paws«, group show, Bauhaus University, Weimar Germany


»Urban Art Festival«, life performance, El Burro, Gran Canaria Spain

»Cultura Urbana Festival«, life performance, Madrid Spain

»Odd Stories«, solo show«, Carhartt Stores, Köln & Düsseldorf Germany


»Never Ending Story2«, group show, Goethe-Institut, Athens Greece